lili's musings

the value of raw thoughts

Lately, I have found myself yearning for reading people's reflections on reality. Sometimes I write these to myself, but never publish them.

Recently, I discovered a few different blogs on Bear Blog. They struck a chord with me.

It is a sort of casual writing style that I have missed reading. It felt like the writers were writing for themselves above all rather than for an audience. It's funny, as professional writers will often tell you to know your audience, to adjust your text to make it engaging for them. Certainly, that kind of writing may get you the most views, but there's something about writing for yourself first that makes the writing cozy and authentic, especially if you find someone who thinks like you.

So here we are, I figured I would make this space and see how it goes. It's first and foremost for myself to practice writing online. It's gonna be rough and disorganized and very visibly imperfect but ... perhaps this will allow my personality to make it through.

#writing #meta #reflection